Lincoln Roofers that Recycle!


Recycling has become a way of life for our society, everyday we recycle plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper products and many other consumer containers. These items would normally take up a lot of room in the landfills – so think about how many newspapers or bottles it would take to cover your roof. Recycled shingles have several uses that make a big impact on the environment and our communities. Products produced with the use of recycled shingles include: Hot Mix Asphalt, Cold Patch, and Aggregate Base. Ask us how we can assist in recycling your shingles by turning your roof into roads.

Got Green? We do!

Stonebrook Roofing is a leader in the installation of sustainable and environmentally friendly roofing products. Did you know our premier green roofing product is partially comprised of pre-consumer baby diaper excess material? We offer a wide array of products from windows to shingles with solar reflective granules that can increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Green, is the new gold!

Being green doesn’t necessarily mean recycled products. We offer products that are hail resistant, resulting in significant insurance discounts and leading to products staying on your home and not in a landfill. Also available are metal roofing and wall systems that can heat an entire building. These products put money back in your pocket and decrease our use of delicate natural resources.