Stonebrook Offers New Camaro for a New Roof

Need a new roof this year?  Well how about you get a free 2012 Camaro to park in your driveway underneath that brand new roof?  During 2012 Stonebrook Roofing is giving everyone that has a new roof installed by Stonebrook the chance to win a brand new, 2012 Camaro.

If you want to learn more about this great promotion click here or give us a call.  Good luck!

  1. Comment by Faisal

    I live in the Falmouth Maine area. I recently pcseharud a home with a low sloped roof and it is leaking. I was hoping to get some advice on how to repair the leak myself. Here is the situation: The roof is a low sloped dormer with a shed roof. It only leaks in winter when snow is present and the days are warm and nights are cold. I assume the ice is backing up under the the three tab shingles. I was hoping I could tear the three tabs off and Grace Ice and Water Shield the entire roof deck and use architectural shingles instead of rolled roofing. I really don’t like the looks of rolled roofing and the roof is seen often, as it downhill of the road. Please give me your comments on the pros and cons of what I would like to do. ThanksMark

    • Comment by adam

      We hear and understand your dilemma. In general what you are describing is what we in the Midwest call an Ice Dam. This is caused when snow sits in an area and thaws and re-freezes working its way under the shingles and underlayment. Eventually, water can find a path and that path usually leads to your decking and results in a leak inside your residence.

      If your residence is between a 4/12 and 2/12 pitch (using CertainTeed Landmark installation guide) one layer of CertainTeed’s WinterGuard Waterproofing Shingle Underlayment (or equivalent, meeting ASTM D1970) or 2 layers of 36” wide felt shingle underlayment (Roofers’ Select or underlayment product meeting ASTM D226, D4869 or D6757) lapped 19” must be applied over the entire roof; endure sufficient deck ventilation. When Diamond Deck or other synthetic underlayment is installed, weather lap at least 20” and ensure sufficient deck ventilation. Also, it is strongly recommended whenever there is a possibility of ice build-up to apply WinterGuard or its equivalent. With all that being said, we look at each individual house as if it were our own.

      If this was my house, I would remove the 3-tab shingles and install an Ice and Water shield product over the entire area. Ice and Water shield is usually just as cost effective as doubling the felt because it may be a lower unit cost but then double that and you are at where a typical unit cost of Ice and Water Shield. Apply it directly to the decking and begin your shingling process. The beauty of Ice and Water Shield is its ability to self-seal once the roofing nails penetrate it. This will not prevent an Ice Dam, but should prevent snow, thaw, and re-freeze working its way under the shingles and to the decking.

      Best Wishes and Merry Building,
      Stonebrook Roofing Inc.