Stonebrook Roofing Increases Focus on the Hotel Exterior Renovation Industry

After the presentation of its award winning service, Stonebrook Roofing Inc. has formally announced its increased focus in the Hotel facilities exterior renovation business. Commenting on the announcement, Steven T. Kunkel, President of Stonebrook Roofing Inc. said “we have now completed numerous projects in multiple states that have provided value and aesthetic appeal to the owners of hotel facilities, and we believe our expertise and award winning service should be expanded to help others in this specific market segment”. Kunkel continues by stating “we have replaced roofs on multi-story and high rise hotels, and provided roof, window, siding and gutter enhancements to hotels of all sizes”.

Stonebrook brings cost effective solutions to owners of hotels for roofing and all other facets of exterior refurbishment or reconstruction. Stonebrook has the ability to mobilize quickly. Through their specific methods, previous experiences, and management techniques, they are able to perform all phases of exterior renovation on schedule, and to meet specific project needs.

A.J. McVey, Commercial Division Project Manager for Stonebrook Roofing in the Lincoln, Nebraska corporate office heads up the expansion efforts with initial scope response inquiries by potential hotel facilities managers. A.J. can be reached at 402-438-5559.

  1. Comment by Eshabil

    I’d suggest using OSB (oriented snratd board) instead of plywood. It’s stronger, costs less per sheet, and there is no directional grain as in plywood to consider when spanning rafters. OSB has a slick side and a textured side. The textured side can go up to give you additional grip and footing. Use ply-clips around the top edges in-between each rafter to give you needed expansion. If you don’t have a pneumatic decking stapler, use 8d box nails to fasten. Apply felt over the decking before you lay the new shingles. Start at the bottom, as you do with the decking, and overlap a few inches each time. Fasten felt with cap nails. Use 1 galvanized roofing nails and follow the instructions on the packaging. Good luck.

    • Comment by adam

      Dear Mr. OSB,

      Thanks for your comments and we agree with your approach completely. At Stonebrook we use the highest quality materials in all our operations, and balance those decisions with cost effectiveness as well for the myriad of project scopes we encounter.

      OSB is a great product for many reasons. OSB does not have a continuous grain in it like a natural wood product, therefore OSB has a greater overall strength. This can be identified by observing the alignment of the surface wood chips. OSB panels have no internal gaps or voids like plywood materials, and provide more water-resistance. The OSB product has similar application properties to it like plywood, but it is more uniform and costs less. When tested to failure, OSB has a greater load bearing capacity than milled wood panels. It has replaced plywood in most all environments, especially in structural panel applications. .

      Some manufacturers may treat the wood chips in OSB with various borate compounds which are toxic to termites, wood boring beetles, as well as abating mold and fungus.

      We appreciate all comments and encourage everyone visit our Forum with your comments in the future. You will find this under the Resources tab in on each city page in the website.

      Thanks again,

      Stonebrook Roofing Inc